Organic Yuzu Sencha | Yuzu Green Tea 有機ゆず煎茶

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Organic Yuzu Sencha | Organic Green Tea with Japanese Citrus

有機栽培 ゆず煎茶 


Origin: Kagoshima(Sencha), Kochi(Yuzu)

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea (85%) + Organic Yuzu powder (15%)

All nature. Nothing added.

- Organic

- GMO Free

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Friendly

Net Weight: 50g (1.764oz)



Revitalise with the refreshing scent of yuzu. This tea contains yuzu powder from Kochi prefecture in Japan.

Yuzu adds a spike of fresh invigoration to the classic cup of sencha. The Japanese citrus fruit, that has similarities to a lemon and a mandarine, brings tartness to the tongue, for a spirit-brightening sip that adds sunshine to any day along with umami and astringency, providing you with feeling of rejuvenation.

The refreshing combination of yuzu and green tea has a refreshing taste that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.

Sencha is rich in catechins, a natural antioxidant with many health benefits.


Health Benefits of YUZU Sencha


✔︎ Relaxing effect
✔︎ Boost Energy
✔︎ Anti-allergic effect
✔︎ Prevention of tooth decay and bad breath
✔︎ Antibacterial and bactericidal action
✔︎ Antiviral effect
✔︎ Hypertension prevention
✔︎ Antioxidant effect
✔︎ Blood circulation effect


What is YUZU?


Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that is valued for its highly aromatic rind. Yuzu is one of the few citruses in the world that is able to maintain its tart/sourness at high cooking temperatures. Because the yuzu is considered a citron, the juice is very minimal, thus often expensive.  Outside of a few Asian cuisines and particularly in Japanese cultural circles, yuzu is seldom grown or used because it’s rather rare.

Yuzu is sour, tart, very fragrant and the intensity and aroma of fresh yuzu is incredible. Yuzu is a citrus that isn’t eaten straight, but is used as a souring ingredient through the use of it’s juice and zest. Yuzu has its own unique fragrance and flavour. It is a bit floral and sour and utterly wonderful.


How to brew Yuzu Sencha

Customer Reviews

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Tu Cam Le

Excellent customer service, great range of products and such enjoyable teas with many uses. A repeated customer for sure!

Fresh aroma🍵

Fresh yuzu and green tea aroma is good for relaxing time. Cold or ice brew also nice!

My afternoon pick up⭐️

I enjoy my YUZU GREEN TEA for my afternoon pick up 😊 reminds me of Japan 💖 What I love about this tea is not only for afternoon pick up but also its great for my wellbeing! I feel like Im doing something good to myself 💖