Organic Hojicha | Roasted Green Tea 有機焙じ茶

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Organic Hojicha | Roasted Green Tea

 JAS有機栽培 焙じ茶

Origin: JAPAN

Ingredients: 100% Organic Certified Green Tea 

All nature. Nothing added.

- JAS Organic Certified

- GMO Free

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Friendly

Net Weight: 40g (1.411oz)

Feel a little stressed working from home?

Our Organic Hojicha is the "go to" tea for your afternoon relaxation. 

This Hojicha is sourced directly from Japan, our Hojicha is organically grown with love and stone ground for superior taste and health benefits. 

This fragrant and refreshing Japanese green tea is made by roasting Sencha(煎茶) and  Bancha(番茶) over a high flame. It is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal, whereas most Japanese teas are steamed.  The roasting process diminishes the tannin and caffeine content of the leaves to suppress astringency and bitterness and draw out fragrance. Hojicha is a warm reddish-brown colour. Having a refreshing roasted aroma and being low in caffeine makes it a good after meal tea. It has an earthy and a slightly smoky sweet taste. Due to its somewhat mild flavour and low caffeine, Hojicha is the green tea of choice with children and the elderly in Japan.

Our Hojicha contains no additives and is made from 100% Japanese certified organic (JAS) green tea. 

How to brew Hojicha

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful Hojicha

This Eluxella’s hojicha has nice strong smell and taste, makes me relax and feel like I’m back home in Japan.
The package is also beautiful and it suitable for presents as well.
Definitely this organic tea gives me a quality moment. Thank you 😊

Amanda Pole
Hojicha Tea

I have been starting my day lately with this tea.
The subtle smoky smell of this green tea is very pleasant, and I enjoy the subtle taste of this tea.
I also like to have this tea at the end of a meal if I’m feeling a little bloated.
A lovely tea to add to my tea collection. A selection of teas on hand adds “spice to my life.”
And I am so happy that I have access to a locally grown and sourced product from Japan.
You can tell Eri is passionate about her product and has put so much time and effort into researching, sourcing, packaging, providing quality Japanese teas with love & care of the planet in mind and this makes her teas extra special to me.

Lovely taste!

I am completely in love with this Hoji Tea. The packaging the taste everything was on point. I will definetly be repurchasing when I run out. Thank you!