Organic Sencha | Green Tea 有機煎茶

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Organic Sencha | Green Tea -Nakamushi

Organic Green Tea from JAPAN


JAS有機栽培 煎茶 - 中蒸し-

Origin: Kagoshima, JAPAN

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Green Tea from Japan

- JAS Organic Certified

- GMO Free

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Friendly

Net Weight: 50g (1.764oz)


The most commonly enjoyed variety of Japanese green tea is Sencha.

The freshly-picked tea leaves are steamed right away, allowing for fresh green colour and catechins to remain and then dried as they are rolled. After the leaves have been shaped, they are blended to achieve the best flavour for the consumer.

Our Sencha is green with a yellow tinge and has a well balanced combination of aroma, umami and astringency, providing you with a feeling of luxury.

This Sencha is rich in catechins, a natural antioxidant with many health benefits.



The process called "Steaming" is performed immediately after the tea leaves are harvested. This is an important process that affects the taste of tea.


There are three types of steaming processes; FUKAMUSHI(深蒸し), NAKAMUSHI(中蒸し) and ASAMUSHI(浅蒸し)


FUKAMUSHI (deep-steamed) is deeply steamed Sencha (for about 60 to 180 seconds).

As result of a longer steaming time, the astringency and bitterness will disappear, and the sweetness and umami can be brought out. The deeply steamed tea leaves are finer, so the ingredients are easier to extract. Therefore, the colour of the tea tends to be deep- green, and the nutrients contained in the tea leaves are concentrated.


NAKAMUSHI (medium-steamed) is called "ordinary steamed tea" or "standard steamed tea," it is a tea with a very general steaming time. The steaming time is about 30 to 60 seconds, and you can taste the refreshing astringency of tea.


ASAMUSHI (lightly steamed) is Sencha that is lightly steamed (for about 10 to 30 seconds).  Asamushicha used to be the mainstream because it has a strong aroma. Due to the short steaming time, the tea leaves are hard and well-shaped. The colour of tea is sometimes described as yellow or gold. 


How to brew Sencha


Green Tea

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