Eluxella's offerings have been carefully cultivated to support your physical and mental wellbeing.  Our wish is to help you take time each day to appreciate for being you by sipping our tea and help you shine from the inside and out.



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My name is Eri, I am Japanese and I wear multiple hats as mum, wife, a yoga teacher and business owner whom is passionate about wellbeing. 


One day in 2019, I woke up too early and instead of trying to go back to sleep, for some reason, I decided to wander off to the beach. The sunrise I saw on the beach that morning was unforgettable, and from that experience, my little early bird ritual was started. I never thought I would be that sort of person - wake up at such an early time and head to the beach to watch the sunrise, but it was life changing.


That day was the start of my new life; going to the beach every morning and practicing yoga while enjoying the sunrise. Not long after I started the little ritual, I began to feel the benefits from my morning routine.


Since giving birth to my child, I was flat out and felt very fatigued, I had not been able to take time off for myself.


Spending the early morning hours while my husband and my child are still in bed is a very special time for me to face myself.


During my daily yoga practice, I start to feel my body slowly wake up and energise. Sometimes, I see turtles peeking out of the sea and dolphins surfing the waves. My body and mind are so refreshed by starting a day like this, and every morning feels like it's going to be a great day.


Because our days and lives are so busy, we need to pause and think about the importance of having time for ourselves and then we realised that taking care of yourself can bring not only yourself but also others happiness. 





Growing up in Japan, drinking green tea every day was normal. We have green tea with our meals at home, at picnics, with lunch boxes, and at the office too. Wherever, whenever and regardless of who you are with, we always love drinking Japanese green tea.

Since I noticed the importance of pausing in a busy life for myself, I remembered the scenes of drinking green tea in my childhood. I have spent time to further my study of

Japanese Green Teas and it reminded me again of how many health benefits Japanese Green Tea brings to support our physical and mental wellbeing. Japan is well known as a country of longevity. It is said that one of the secrets to our success is green tea.  For these reasons I would like to share and spread throughout the world our premium quality Japanese Green Teas that are organically and sustainably grown in Japan.  We support farms and tea manufacturers that embrace a sustainable and an environmentally safe process to care for the health of our customers and the planet.


Take time to appreciate the value of a moment and sit back & relax.

Make a tea ritual to add to your daily routine by using your five senses.


Hearing - listen to the water pour over the tea leaves

Sight - watching the tea leaves open when brewing

Smell - smell the different aromas of each tea

Taste - taste the sweetness, umami, freshness and astringent flavours of the tea

Touch - enjoy the warm sensations of drinking tea from your cup to your mouth, over your tongue and down your throat


This is a moment of mindfulness….



We offer carefully selected Japanese teas that are freshly picked and packed in Japan. 


ELUXELLA Teas are the perfect gift for your loved ones or addition to your daily routine for your wellbeing.