Organic Hojicha Powder | Roasted Green Tea Powder

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Organic Hojicha Powder | Organic Roasted Green Tea Powder

 JAS有機栽培 ほうじ茶パウダー


The "best before' date for this tea that is currently on clearance sale is 15th Dec 2022. The best before date was made too early , we've confirmed with our green tea farm in Japan that you can still enjoy the great tea up until the end of 2023.

New batch is coming from Japan soon!!


Origin: JAPAN

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Green Tea Powder

- JAS Organic Certified

- GMO Free

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Friendly

Net Weight: 50g (1.764oz)


Our Organic Hojicha Powder is a versatile tea powder made from finely ground roasted green tea, grown in Japan. Hojicha powder is the easiest way to experience the naturally sweet taste and the pleasant aroma of Japanese roasted green tea.

The green tea leaves are expertly roasted to bring out the distinct notes of cocoa and earthy undertones that distinguish this unique Japanese tea. The roasted tea is finely milled to provide a sooth experience as the Organic Hojicha Powder perfectly dissolves to create rich and creamy lattes and tea infused desserts. 

Our Organic Hojicha Green Tea (Organic roasted tea powder) is the ideal ingredient for transforming both sweet and savoury recipes, and can be used in Hojicha lattes, bubble tea, roasted green tea ice cream , macarons, mochi, and a variety of baked food. Our roasted green tea powder contains no additives and is made from 100% Japanese Organic Certified (JAS) green tea.

How to make Hojicha Latte



Customer Reviews

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お家でこんなに簡単にとっても美味しいほうじ茶ラテを作れるなんて感動しました。その上オーガニックで安心して飲めるのもありがたいです。早く私の住んでいる地域のスーパーでも販売してほしいです。 Super easy to make delicious hojocha latte at home and I loved it so much. I liked that it's organic and vegan friendly too. I can't wait to find them at grocery stores where I live.

Megumi Masuhara
Real Japanese Tea!!!

I've made "Hōji-cha latte" by using Roasted green tea powder, it was fantastic! It can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Also Yuzu green tea made my time so relaxing and calming. Must try if you love a hint of citrus flavor! Highly recommended!!!

Easy to enjoy yummy Japanese tea! ほうじ茶パウダーおすすめです!

I like Hojicha but I've never purchased powdered one. We don't really drink hot Japanese tea from loose leaf tea anymore in Australia. I bought this one and matcha powder at the same time but we have had more Hojicha, my children like better this one. We had some leftover vanilla ice cream so we added this powder and it was so yummy! We will buy more ice cream and do it again. It is easy to enjoy even for my teenage children. My daughter makes Hojicha latte with oat milk after school.

Highly recommend!

I enjoy this Hojicha powder as latte, with vanilla ice cream and bake tea brownies. Very rich taste and easy to ready.
My most favorite is with vanilla ice cream.