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Drink green tea to increase the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Tea is more than just a source of caffeine; it is filled with healthy botanical ingredients.

For example, green tea contains L-theanine, which is calming. Some studies have also shown that tea's polyphenol antioxidants, such as EGCG, may also affect our mental state.

Whether you have been meditating for many years or have only recently become interested in meditation, drinking tea can enhance the benefits of meditation and make it a deeper experience.

meditation, green tea, selfcare, japanese tea

BEFORE YOGA, "more burnable body."

Yoga is also an aerobic exercise.
Aerobic exercise is an exercise that uses oxygen taken into the body through deep breathing to break down and burn carbohydrates and fat, and is expected to have a weight-loss effect.
At first, carbohydrates are mainly used as energy, and in the middle of the exercise, the body switches to burning fat as you continue to exercise. This is the reason why it is generally said that you need to increase your heart rate and continue exercising for at least 20 minutes for this process to work.

The recommended pre-workout tea is "Green Tea" brewed in a teapot

The caffeine in green tea promotes fat breakdown and fat burning. When caffeine is consumed, it suppresses the use of carbohydrates as energy and encourages more fat to be used instead.
In other words, drinking green tea makes it easier to burn fat immediately after exercise.
In addition, the catechins in green tea are also more effective because they are said to promote fat burning.

Spending 30 minutes relaxing before yoga with a cup of hot tea may further enhance the benefits of yoga, as you can start yoga in a relaxed state of mind and body.

AFTER YOGA, "relax and calm.

It is important to drink water after yoga exercises. It is essential to replenish the water that has been eliminated through sweat and other means, and it also helps to detoxify the body. After exercise, you may be tempted to drink something cold, but after yoga practice, a warm drink (or room temperature) is recommended for your body.

After yoga practice, it is especially good for you to drink low caffeine tea.
We recommend our low caffeine tea "Hojicha" and "Genmaicha".


tea meditation, genmaicha, yoga with tea, mindfulness


  1. Boil water.
  2. Put tea leaves in a teapot.
  3. Pour the hot water into the teapot.
  4. Steep for the time as instructed. 
  5. Pour into a teacup.
  6. Drink and take a sip.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 one more time.

I have noticed that just by doing these "steps" in between work and housework, I can create a blank space in my mind, clear my head, and tackle my work and housework again in a refreshed state.

Create the habit of "facing myself and aligning myself" through this rhythm of "tea meditation".

Drink before and after yoga to further enhance the benefits of yoga.

Have a wonderful day with our authentic Japanese Green Tea.







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